Information Security Analyst Certification (ISAC)– 3 Months

This Information Security Certification program is most suitable for students and Professionals who are new to the Information Security domain and want to pursue career in this challenging domain.

The aim of training is to make the participants understand the basics of the Information Security and at the same time utilize their existing knowledge and experience to help them gain expertise in information security.On the completion of the course, the participants would know all the aspects of Information Security and will be able to take on challenging roles offered by the Industry.

Why Should You Attend ISAC?
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the rate of growth for jobs in Information / CyberSecurity is projected at 37% from 2012-2022-that is much faster than the average for all other occupations and the demand is expected to further increase due to more dependency of businesses on IT and increased focused on Digitization. As of now, there is acute shortage of Information / Cyber SecurityProfessionals all over the world. A recent report by McAfee found that 82% of a group of 775 IT and Information / Cyber Security decision-makers reported that they had a shortage of Cyber security skills within their Organization.

Due to increased reliance on Technology by businesses to support their critical functions and continuous threat from cyber-attacks, the requirement for Security Professionals is likely to be stimulating, challenging and constantly evolving. The employers have recognizedthe value, skills and experience of trained Security Professionals. Thus,students considering a move towards roles in Information / Cyber Security can look forward to a lucrative, rewarding career with excellent prospects and most importantly, plenty of job opportunities.

Based on the SANS survey the top five industries for Information / Cyber Security professionals are Banking/Finance/Insurance, Information Technology/Management, Government (Defense), Government (Nondefense), and Consulting/Professional Services.

Course Objective
The course objective is to make participants understand the basics, key concepts &acquire the practical experience, knowledge, skills and develop competencies required to make them ready to take on challenging career opportunities in the Information Security.

Benefits of Attending ISAC

  • Better career prospects
  • Gainessential knowledge, skill sets&experience.
  • Able to independently take on any assignment and implement suitable controls.
  • Ability to conduct Risk assessments and security awareness programs.
  • Exposure to real work environment.
  • Understanding of tools and technology used in the industry.
  • Enhanced competitive advantage over peers.
  • Ability to conduct research and find appropriate security control for an Organization.
  • Understanding of the importance cost-effectiveness in design and developments of solution.
  • Developed capability and enthusiasm for self-improvement through continuous professional development.

Course Content Overview

  • Introduction & Fundamentals of Information Security
  • Reconnaissance
  • Introduction to Network and Application Security
  • Information Security Management System- Implementation
  • Business Continuity Management – Implementation